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Internet Repair

The Gens X, Y and Z are so dependent on the internet that it is as important as breathing. In every part of the world, most businesses and offices heavily rely on stable internet to get their work done and it’s not just a nightmare when your internet connection goes down or is even slow. It’s even worse when the telecom providers ask for 24-48 hours for repair.

Don’t worry, we have you covered. At, our technicians are available round the clock and are fully equipped to resolve your issues at the earliest.

We can fix the following types of internet connections for you:


Repair and Troubleshooting Cost: $149

In fact, our services are all the more helpful if you are looking for a proof of faulty connections or networks. Our technicians provide you with a detailed report called, Internet Service Fault Report which can be used as a proof of fraying connections and problems at the end of service provider.

On the contrary, sometimes, the problem lies at the end of the Service Provider and might not be in a position to be fixed at your premises. In even such circumstances, our technicians will go far and beyond to help you in whatever way they can. Moreover, you will receive a free onsite Service Fault Report from our technician instantaneously.

In case you have an ADSL2 or VDSL FTTN or FTTB connection along with several phones and faxes, we are equipped to provide you with a service wherein our technicians will install a central filter.

Splitter Installation

You must have noticed some unwanted and irritating noise in your internet connection and phone line at some point or the other. Such noise is more likely than not due to multiple connections in the same premises. We offer a solution for this noise in the form of installation of a central splitter aka central filter.

Even if you don’t completely get the technicality of the device, our technicians are well versed with managing it on your behalf. They will place a passive electronic device between your modem (ADSL2+ or PSTN) and your phone line via the telephone exchange.

This device will be comfortably placed somewhere in the vicinity, for instance beside your house, at the roof or in the form of Comms hub. The location of the same will be mutually agreed upon by the customer and the technician.

Advantage of Installing a Central Splitter ?

  • Better Quality of Sound
  • Hassle-free Repairs
  • Convenient at places where there are multiple sockets connected with phones, alarms or fax machines.

You need a central splitter only if you have a home phone connected and when it causes some hindrances.

Splitter Cost: $249

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