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MDF Jumpering

Although the term sounds very technical and peculiar, in layman terms, it’s a means of connecting the service provider’s side of wiring to your apartment or building complex. There’s a tiny box which contains the incoming wires from the streets and further distributes them to your premises. The whole complex process is termed MDF Jumpering.

At, we make sure that this service is provided only by a trained technician accredited with ACMA license. Our services are available round the clock and all you have to do is just fill one form for our technicians to do the job in any kind of set-up; residential or commercial.

Types of MDF Jumpering Services:

  • ADSL / Internet/PSTN
  • PSTN Standard Telephone Service
  • Internet/PSTN fxo/fxs

Please inform the building caretaker or manager in case you reside in an apartment complex beforehand. This ensures faster work and avoids inconvenience to the client as well as the technician.

Cost: $79

What are you waiting for? Fill in the form below and leave the rest to us!

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