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Phone Line Installation

Getting a phone line installed just got easier than ever. You don’t have to stand in long queues or request vendors over the phone again and again.
Whether it’s at your home or at a commercial address, our telephone technicians have sound knowledge and appropriate skills to install a phone in a jiffy. The best part is that you don’t have to worry about anything other than filling an online form and choosing a convenient time. Our technicians will ensure that every phone line is installed as per the highest standards and guidelines set by government authorities.

In fact, our service also includes quality check after each installation.
Wherever it is that you would need a phone line, whether in a bedroom or a kitchen or a study, we have you covered. Our company provides the service of underground wiring as well and all we take is a day. We boast of our single day service as opposed to our competitors.

Socket with CAT6 wiring Cost: $249

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